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Create the conditions to relax & sleep naturally

If you answer 'yes' to any of the following questions, I could help you:

  • Are you struggling to fall or stay asleep?            

  • Are you often tired, worried or feeling low?

  • Do you feel like you are running on empty?        

  • Is switching off your brain or at least 'turning it down' difficult?


Are you feeling trapped, alone, frustrated, desperate to find a way out and getting nowhere? You are not alone. I've been there. There is hope and a way forward. 

How amazing would it feel to have a completely restful nights sleep waking energised and refreshed in the morning? To feel like you can cope each day and do so much more than just survive it?

I am here to help you, we can achieve this together.

 Sarah Bartlett

I am an experienced Wellbeing Practitioner. I can help you to overcome your sleep and anxiety challenges so that you can live in your waking hours as a person who is rested, refreshed, restored, relaxed and re-energised during your sleeping hours. 


My own experiences overcoming these challenges lead me on a journey of exploration to learn and train in the knowledge and techniques that enable me to now help you. I am an internationally accredited, certified EFT Practitioner and Reiki Master.


Registered member of: EFT International


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"Although the world is full of suffering,
it is also full of the overcoming of it"

- Helen Keller

My Services

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Rock Balancing

Tapping or Reiki

Book either of these treatments as one-off sessions or book a package and SAVE.

Rest & Restore Package

Designed to be calm and relaxing to enable your mind and body to repair.

Stabilisation Package

Specifically targeted towards stabilising and re-setting your nervous system.

Sarah provided invaluable life changing help during a very difficult time. I felt so overwhelmed, I was overthinking, dwelling on the negatives and in a permanent state of fight/flight mentally and emotionally. It was effecting my sleep and starting to have impacts on my physical health.
After a few sessions even ‘sceptical me’ saw the benefits and improvements in my state of mind, thinking patterns, anxiety and physical state. I was sleeping better and l learned how to cope with stressors from a calm and stable place.


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