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My Story

I struggled with sleep deprivation for years. I know the mental and emotional turmoil not to mention the physical exhaustion that comes along with it. I tried a range of approaches but nothing helped so for a long time I gave up, believing there was no way out.  This is my story…

In 2012 I was hitting the wall

It was affecting several key areas in my life, the most evident of which was a long-term chronic sleeping problem that had my foot on and off the accelerator of my own life depending on how much sleep I’d had. It totally defined my life, put limitations on what I was capable of, held me back and kept me stuck. I often felt under strain just trying to manage the day to day. It put a burden on my relationships and clouded my perspective on life. I felt anxious about whether I would sleep that night and about the long term health implications. I felt helpless and hopeless with no end in sight. I felt desperate at times and so alone. Why couldn’t I sleep? What was wrong with me? Sleep’s a natural bodily function, like eating and drinking. We can’t do without them, yet it felt so beyond my reach. I felt like my body was sabotaging me. Sleep deprivation was constantly undermining my natural optimism and my ‘efforts’ to find fulfilment and pleasure in my life.


I was also disillusioned. I’d started out as a Social Worker then side stepped to Crime Prevention but I hadn’t yet found my way to help people, a passion I’d held since childhood. I had a sneaky suspicion that I had more to offer from within me.

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I began a process of self-discovery and healing

I embarked on an incredible journey of growth and healing. As I peeled back the layers and experienced life changing benefits, including resolving my sleeping problem, I also discovered my purpose, and abilities I had, for helping others to also help themselves. It took helping myself first, to learn how to truly help others, together with a great deal of trust and stepping into the unknown. 

If only I’d known

what a key role my nervous system was playing and how to address it, I believe I would have cut years off my (literal) waking nightmare. My nervous system was so heightened that my body literally couldn’t relax enough to fall into sleep. Even sleeping pills didn’t work! What’s more the anxiety that developed around not being able to sleep fuelled the fire along with repeating negative thoughts and emotions which all kept the pattern in place, a vicious circle!


No wonder I felt anxious and depressed! I didn’t know back then that anxiety and depression are different states of a dysregulated nervous system.

If my journey and what I offer speaks to you, lets meet and talk about what we can acheive together for you.


Reiki Healing

Helping you heal

Taking the natural, holistic route to healing represents a departure from the ‘quick fix’, ‘immediate pain relief’ and ‘symptom focused’ mentality. So much is going on beyond the physical level. Research shows that over 90% of our physical issues have a mental/emotional basis.

If you are ready:

• for a new way forward, that puts the power back with you

• to clear and learn from your blocks whether physical, mental, or emotional

• to let go of what holds you back from experiencing life as you want to

• to open yourself up to grow in whatever form it takes for you personally


Then you have come to the right place.

I was new to tapping but these tools help me recognize my physical sensations when I am under duress and quickly calm myself, reducing my anxiety. Tapping brings my breathing and negative feelings back to a positive place and has become part of how I keep myself well. My sleep has improved as a result. 
Sarah is a kind and genuine soul and incredibly easy to talk too, even though meeting new people is one of my biggest triggers.

- Emma

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