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EFT "Tapping"

Originating from Chinese Acupuncture and Japanese Acupressure, the beginning of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or “Tapping” was identified in the 1980s (known then as Thought Field Therapy). It is essentially a simple technique to diffuse the ‘charge’ we can experience on all levels (mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically) associated with a past or current negative experience.

A virtual explosion of research from the 1990s onwards firmly establishing it as the most evidence based, research backed modality of the body mind techniques available today. Very early on it was established as highly effective for anxiety, depression, and PTSD. 

Tapping enables exploration and release of the emotions that often underlie the problems we’re experiencing. It can help us deal with current distress which often has its roots in the past. It enables us to release old programming and stored emotions which ultimately manifest as physical problems and ill health in the body.

Tapping on acupressure points sends a calming signal to the brain and central nervous system communicating you are safe from whatever the perceived threat was and reprogrammes your system to be less reactive. We can then operate from our frontal cortex which has us more grounded, resourceful, and able to think clearly. In this state we are more stable to do the deeper work to release negative experiences from our past.

Tapping enables us to literally shed our emotional baggage and shift our thinking, patterns, and beliefs so we are no longer re-triggered into old stressful reactions, thoughts, and emotions from the past. More positive, empowering thoughts, emotions and responses result spontaneously as we let go of the obstacles that hold us back.

Self help tapping tools can easily be learned to enable people to address their own mental, emotional and even physical disturbances. This enables people to acknowledge and release negative emotions in a healthy way, clarify their thinking, address aches and pains and even improve their sleep. Bigger issue's are best addressed through working with a Practitioner.

Sarah has EFTI International Accreditation Level 2, with ongoing mentoring and training.



Below is a short video which introduces you to Tapping and what to expect if you’d like to know more before your first session.

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