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Pricing and Packages

'TOE IN THE WATER' Intro EFT Tapping Package

3x sessions (initial 1.5 hours = value $130; 2nd & 3rd sessions 60 min = value $100 each)  

Package Price: $300 (incl $30 discount)


**See other options below: 'Rest & Restore' or 'Stabilisation' Packages**

ONGOING EFT TAPPING PACKAGE (for existing clients only)

3x Sessions     $280 ($20 discount)

6x sessions      $560 ($40 discount)



3 x 1 hr session  $235


Please make payment in advance or on the day of your session. Account Number for Online payments:

Inside Out 06 0294 0932013 00


To assist with accessibility, a weekly payment plan or sliding scale options can be discussed with Sarah. 

​A $30 cancellation fee applies for cancellation within 2 days of your session.


Stabilisation Packae

Rest & Restore Package


You’ll experience Reiki where you get to lie down, be warm, comfortable and do nothing! Reiki settles and re-balances the body’s energy systems, quietens your mind, relaxes your body, and grounds you. In a relaxed state your body can rest and repair, enable your immune system, achieve a better quality of sleep and restore your energy levels.

An additional bonus of this package is that you will be introduced to some simple, yet amazingly effective, self-help Tapping - EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tools. You will learn how to calm yourself and process negative emotions in a healthy way. This emotional self-care is essential for your short- and long-term health.

This package of 4 sessions will give you the rest and restoration you need.


Are you feeling like life is getting on top of you rather than you feeling on top of it?

If you are:​

  • feeling out of balance, overwhelmed or wound up

  • finding your sleep is detrimentally effected

  • stuck on life’s treadmill and finding it hard to feel positive

  • in need of some ‘me time’ to relax and reconnect with yourself

Then this package is for you. You’ll also be provided with techniques and tools to help with your ongoing self-care at home. You’ll receive the information in simple, written, and diagrammatic form, supporting you in continuing these self-care practices easily.


Free 20-minute Initial Consult

4x one-hour sessions over 4 consecutive weeks

Total Investment: $370 (incl $30 discount)

This package is mobile and can be delivered in the workplace for a minimum of three people during a weekly visit over a month. It is also suitable for Employer subsidy/responsibility as

part of workplace health/wellness/safety/wellbeing programme.

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Rest & Restore
Rock Balancing

Stabilisation Package


This package is specifically targeted towards stabilising and re-setting your nervous system using research backed, evidence-based body mind approach known as ‘Tapping’ - EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Reiki, body based and other proven lifestyle activities/tools can be integrated as appropriate to you and your unique situation.

Together, we are going to stabilise your nervous system so you can:

  • Feel calm, able to relax and sleep

  • Think clearly

  • Manage your emotions

  • Access your own wisdom

You will be able to function better day to day. We will gain greater insight into what is causing your sleep/anxiety issues. 

You’ll learn simple, effective self-help tools and pave the way to addressing any bigger issues.


When life is feeling overwhelming and challenging and you are:

* Often struggling to get enough sleep or sleeping too much

* Having emotional outbursts or unexpected rage

* Feeling anxious, depressed or both

* Finding it difficult to interact with others or your environments comfortably

* Not coping with life’s inevitable stressors

Then stabilising your nervous system is the place to start. This package will have you feeling calmer, more in control, more capable and being responsive to your needs,

including getting better sleep.


Free 20-minute Initial Consult

plus 6x sessions (in person or online)

(First session1.5 hours; the rest 60-70 minutes each)

Total Investment: $600 (incl $30 discount)

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